Thing 4 – Blogging Begins With Reading

The first thing I noticed when reading blogs was the casual and relaxed style of the writing. That’s not to say that I found a lot of grammatical or spelling errors because I did not. As I read the blogs, the writing style seemed similar to that of an email or to that of a casual conversation with a friend or family member. I’m sure not all blogs are written that way, but I can see why students may be more prone to express themselves in a blog rather than in an essay. I see so many possibilities for students to read and comment on other students’ blogs and extend and refine their own learning in a fun and engaging way. Hopefully, teachers are learning more about these technologies and are allowing their students to use these technologies to demonstrate their understanding of the various concepts and content being taught in the classroom. Blogging is a great way to facilitate learning in the classroom. It allows students the opportunity to create their own leaning opportunities and not just participate in it.

2 thoughts on “Thing 4 – Blogging Begins With Reading

  1. Does it seem to you that the casual style is any more or less analytical or critical?

    I see lots of student writing in the physical sciences. I find that students are inclined to write vaguely about vague understandings. When I press them to reevaluate assertions or conclusions from exploratory (and fairly informal) writing, they get more analytical and discover inconsistencies in their thinking.

    Maybe the value in more formal writing comes if it is a second layer of analysis. If so, the casual writing in a blog might or might not be a problem depending on the goal of the writing.

  2. You make some great points about the vagueness in students’ informal writing skills. I too agree that their vagueness and lack of clarity in writing may be due to their lack of understanding. I also think another major contributing factor may be a lack of motivation and overall complacency. Hopefully, teachers will begin to use more technologies in their classrooms like blogs and wikis and this will motivate them to dig deeper and become more actively engaged in their learning.

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