Thing 5: Blog Reflection

After reading several blogs, one blog that really captured my attention was “Innosight on Hybrid Learning”. This blog profiled a low income high school in Chicago who used a fully blended learning model (a fully online curriculum embedded in a physical school) to provide insight on how to combine the best of traditional schooling with the current trend of online schooling for the betterment of all students. I was thoroughly intrigued by this case study and immediately wanted to know more about “VOISE Academy: Virtual Opportunities Inside A School Environment” and the results of the case study. I downloaded the white paper and visited the site, but could not easily locate the information I was searching for. Therefore, I plan to read the white paper carefully and learn more. I love the idea of a Hybrid Learning Model and think that it will provide a promising atmosphere for learning for students with diverse learning needs and levels of motivation. VOISE Academy embodies a culture of high expectations and no excuses. It provides an individualized learning model that allows students to learn at their own pace, progress to new content only after they have mastered current content, and the teachers provide constant feedback to students and further individualize and differentiate their instruction based on the learning needs of their students.

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